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Reservations (Deals)

Mews reservations are represented in HubSpot as Deal-type objects. Deals, along with companies, contacts, tickets, line items, products, and quotes, are HubSpot CRM objects.

In HubSpot, a deal represents an ongoing transaction that a sales team makes with a contact or company. Each deal goes through different stages until the deal is either won or lost.

We mark Checked-in Reservations as Closed Won Deals and Cancelled Reservations as Closed Lost Deals.

To synchronize HubSpot Deals with Mews reservations, we use the Deals endpoints. Using Zapier and/or Programmable automation in workflows using the Operations Hub.

Properties of a Deal:

To accurately describe reservations (Deals) we set custom properties.

Properties set in a deal when a new reservation occurs in Mews:

HubSpot Property NameMews Property Name
NameFirst Name Last Name Space Name
Deal PipelineReservations Pipeline
Deal StageConfirmed
Reservations: ArrivalStart Utc
Reservations: CanceledCancelled Utc
Reservations: Channel manager IDChannel Manager Number
Reservations: ClusterAlpes Dhuez
Reservations: Confirmed Updated Utc
Reservations: CreatedCreated Utc
Reservations: DepartureEnd Utc
Reservations: Identifier ID
Reservations: NotesNotes Text
Reservations: Person countAdult Count
Reservations: ProductsStay Products Name:Cleaning fee included
Reservations: RateRate Name
Reservations: Requested categoryRequested Category ID
Reservations: Reservation CreatorOrigin
Reservations: Reservation NumberNumber
Reservations: Selected productsStay Products Name:Cleaning fee included
Reservations: SpaceSpace Name
Reservations: Space IDSpace ID
Reservations: StatusConfirmed
Deal revenue: AmountStay Products A…unt Gross Value
Deal information: Create DateCreated Utc

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