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Zapier Integration

The Zapier integration runs whenever a specific event type occurs in the Mews portal.

New reservation:

An event of the type New reservation occurs in Mews; the client is searched by email, id or name, and then you try to find that client in HubSpot; if it is not found, we proceed to create it; in case it exists, we update its properties to match the properties in Mews, a new Deal is created in Hubspot for the reservation. Finally, the association between the deal and the contact is created.

Reservation check-in event:

A reservation Check-in event occurs in Mews; the corresponding deal is searched in HubSpot through the Identifier property, and the deal stage property is updated to checked-in in HubSpot.

Customer update event:

An event of the type Update client occurs in Mews; the contact is searched in HubSpot through the Mews ID property, and its properties are updated to match those existing in Mews.

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